There and Back Again: a roadtrip

For the past week and half I’ve been travelling. On the road.

Starting in Vancouver, we drove to Calgary for a cousin’s wedding. Then we drove to Winnipeg to visit family.

Our family has a camp on Lake of the Woods, just east of Kenora. We drove out there for a few nights. We fished and swam and lazed about.

Then we returned to Winnipeg and Monique flew home. I stayed another few days then set out in the car, back west.

I drove to Calgary my first day and stayed with friends.

The next morning I drove south to Missoula, Montana, up and down the Road to the Sun in Glacier National Park. I stayed at a bed and breakfast on the shore of the South Fork river. I open all the windows in my room and slept to the constant sound of rushing water.

I met with a business contact the following morning, then headed west. I passed through the Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, which is pronouced Coor Delane, without a hint of French.

I cross the border again back to Canada and drove up the Kootenay valley. I swam at a beach in Kootenay Lake. I rode the ferry across Kootenay Lake as the sun touched the tops of the mountains and tinted the world golden.

I now sit in The White House hostel in Nelson, BC.

The last leg of my journey is tomorrow, back to home in Vancouver along highway #3.

I created the map at the top of this post to guide me and thought it might be fun to share to show my route. Google Maps also tells me that by journey’s end tomorrow I will have travelled roughly 5,894 KMs.

A few recent photos are in my flickr photostream. I’ll add new ones once I’m back home and settled.


100-Mile Diet Episode on Foraging for Crabs in Vancouver

100-Mile Diet crab dinner preparations.

Last summer we spent a day filming some footage for a web episode of Food TV’s show The 100-Mile Diet called Adventures in Foraging. Today that web episode went live.

Here’s the summary:

Friends Chad and James are hosting a foraging-themed dinner party, and set out to catch their main course: dungeness crabs that they will grab by hand. But when it won’t stop raining, and they can’t find the crabs they’re looking for, they have to come up with a new plan. Will they be able to catch anything to serve for dinner?

Here’s the link to see the video Adventures in Foraging.


Director/Editor: Hart Snider
Camera: Hart Snider
Assistant Director: Kate Walker