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Robert Davidson at Vancouver Art Gallery

Last week I had the chance to visit the Vancouver Art Gallery’s show Guud san glans Robert Davidson: A Line That Bends But Does Not Break and I found it exceptional.

I remember the first time I saw Davidson’s work at Coastal People’s when searching for wedding rings, and I have lazily followed his work for the 11+ years since. But I had no real sense of the full range of his powers, the trajectory of his work or the scope he has invented in what’s possible for Haida art.

A Line That Bends But Does Not Break is a perfect title for the experience. Since the late 1960s Davidson has been creating exceptional art, starting with traditional forms to a level of mastery, and then pushing the boundaries to new inventions. Abstraction is introduced. Colours grow vibrant and divergent. New materials create new options for form.

Exceptional and memorable. Thank you.